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I'm Carly and I'm a whore, your personal phone sex whore. Ever since I can remember I knew the way to get what I wanted from men was through sex. In college I fucked my professors to get a passing grade. I guess you could say I whored myself out even then and I was only getting started!

As I got older I had to try harder to get men, I guess I'm not the young pretty girl all the guys seem to want to get to know. I started to dress like a whore, always in stockings, sometimes garters, push up bras and of course, Cum Fuck Me Pumps. I would fuck just about anyone who offered, as long as he had a hard cock and a few dollars in his pocket for me. I've fucked in the bathroom at most bars in my city, got on my knees in more than a few alley ways, and bent over and shook my ass more times than I can remember in any old place. And it didn't matter if he wanted to bring a friend, I'm a greedy slut whore and the more cocks the better is my motto. I'd even let his girlfriend fuck me if the price was right! Yes, I'm a freak. I know it and I love it. I know you will love it too!

One thing you'll find with me that you won't find with younger girls, I won't ever say no. I don't think I've ever told a man no to sex in my life! I'm always wet, I'm always horny and I'm always ready to spread'em for you.

I'm Carly and I'm ready to be your personal whore, no need for the nice conversation other women adore, I'm ready to fuck anytime, anywhere, anyhow! Your cock in one hand and me in your other hand, what else do you need?!

If you just want to fuck and go, then I'm the whore you need to call.

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